Magiglo Installation & Troubleshooting FAQ's

Here is a list of most popular frequently asked questions. For Installation FAQ see below, click here for Trouble shooting FAQ's

Installation FAQ

In order to help with any issues that arise either during or shortly after installation of a Magiglo gas fire, this section covers Installation Frequently Asked Questions. Where technical advice is given, is not intended as a substitute for a site visit by a competent person. All installations must comply with the relevant installation instructions and regulations.

Q. The pilot goes out when the control knob is released. A. Check the thermocouple is tight in the back of the valve. Q. The pilot lights but goes out when burner turned on, with a new installation A. This is a common complaint to Magiglo but normally turns out to be lack of gas pressure. Please carry out following test prior to ringing Technical Dept. Manual Control:- Remove cover from gas valve, place gas gauge on test nipple marked "in" and light pilot. Turn control knob to main burner observing pressure reading. A drop of more than one mbar denotes lack of gas supply. This will also cause pilot to shrink. Remote/TS Mertik Gas Valve: - Carry out as above test using 1st test point on left side of gas valve. There is no need to remove knobs or cover. Q. Installing a 16" Elite Thermobox in Class 1 Flue - can I leave the Class 2 Flue Terminal in position. A. Yes it is permissible to leave in position as long as spillage tests proves ok and you are satisfied terminal is suitable for gas. Q. According to your Custom Manual you state Canopy must overhang 300mm to left and right hand side of gas tray. How can we comply within a fireplace opening. A. Regulation applies to DFE gas appliance under an associated independent canopy and not appliances within Fireplace opening. Q. Flame picture is only across the front on Custom/Basket fire. A. Check the distance between the fire bed (where the coals/pebbles sit) and the top of the opening. Distance should be no more than 400mm (16"). Q. Valve knob is clicking but there is no spark. A. Check HT connection. Check HT lead is not arcing out on pipe work. Check electrode gap is 3-4mm. Q. Do you manufacture a Flue Gather which can be fitted to the top of the Thermobox etc? A. Under no circumstances must a flue gather be attached directly on to the top of any of our appliances Q. Can I run the ducting from a Duo Power Side Vent through the cavity wall of my house? A. Unfortunately no. Building Regulations will not permit. Q. What batteries do you recommend for total control A. We recommend Nickel Oxy Hydroxide,or Lithium.



Troubleshooting FAQ

Invariably, and even with the most reliable of products, there are still some instances when a product does not function quite as it should do. In order to assist, this section covers Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions.Where technical advice is given, is not intended as a substitute for a site visit by a competent person. All installations must comply with the relevant installation instructions and regulations.

Q. My fire is difficult to light and lights with a "woosh" on cross ignition. A. Most likely caused by poor coal layout. Remove, clean and relay coals as per installation manual. Pay particular care not to obstruct gas slot in burner board with a piece of coal or pebble. Q. My remote handset will not light pilot. A. The purpose of the Handset is to control the fire and the pilot has to be lit manually. Q. I have a remote or trim switch control fire and although I can establish a pilot the main burner will not light. A. Ensure pilot/ignition knob turned fully anti-clockwise. (Pointer on knob to 9 O’clock position as apposed to 12 O’clock position) Q. My fire has trim switch control but buttons are not operating fire. A. Please check condition of batteries in holder beneath fire and also ensure batteries are making contact. Q. I have damaged the ceramic back on my fire is it safe to use? A. Minor damage to the black coating will not affect the performance of your fire and we are able to supply at a small charge a bottle of touch up dye. Q. My Magiglo fire is burning with a blue flame. A. Blue flames are normally caused by poor fuel effect layout, suggest relaying the fuel effect as per installation manual. Q. My pilot light is difficult to light and the spark is poor. A. Check gap between spark electrode and thermocouple, this should be 3-4mm. Important note: a small gap will cause a poor spark. Q. What batteries do you recommend for Total Control. A. We recommend Nickel Oxy Hydroxide,or Lithium.